About Dr Nosari

Dr. Masoud Asghari Nosari is a graduate of Neurosurgery from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran.

His field of study is generally a field that can help patients with neurological and spinal problems. This field includes neurosurgery and a variety of brain tumor surgeries, endoscopic brain surgeries and related diseases, as well as spinal diseases, lumbar disc, neck, spinal fracture surgery and other cases that It is related to this field, it belongs to his specialized field.

All of these courses, especially brain endoscopy, pediatric neurosurgery, cranial base surgery, and almost all of the courses that must be routinely taken in this field, depending on the university where you study and the center where you took the course. Completely left behind. It is hoped that based on the lessons learned from these years and the experiences gained in various surgeries and treatment courses, a small step will be taken to heal the pain of the people of this land.